Maya and Arjun’s ‘INTIMATE’ photographs leaked in Beyhadh!

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Sony TV’s Beyhadh is arousing curiosity among the viewers at each and every twist the storyline takes.

The way Maya proposed to Arjun was breath taking and now, Saanjh, who comes across as a demure girl has started putting her foot down against Maya, though Maya still holds an upper hand. At various instances, we have also seen that although Arjun promises that he will never get romantic with Maya, he has shown his inclination indirectly.

Just as this triangle would catch monotony, we have Ashwin entering the scene time and again to add an element of mystery. A power pack entertainer that Beyhadh is, will now showcase another twist in the existing story.

Ashwin has been inquisitive to find out the reason behind Maya’s change in behavior and he will soon learn about her ‘Beyhadh’ obsession with Arjun. He will manage to get a photograph clicked where the two are spotted sharing a moment together and will publish it in the newspapers. Saanjh will wake up to this news early morning and will barge into Arjun’s house for a confrontation.

Arjun will take this matter to Maya and together they will figure out that this is another stunt by Ashwin. Maya and Arjun will then vow to teach him a lesson!

Arjun and Maya’s closeness is definitely putting Saanjh in a helpless ‘friend zoned’ situation. How will Saanjh tackle this?

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