Naagin 2: Will Yamini and Kapalika be successful in bringing Shivangi in her ‘Icchadhari avatar’?

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Naagin is gripping the audience with the buildup of suspense filled with drama.
Shesha has been trying to convince Yamini that Shivangi is an ‘Ichadhari Naagin’ since her mother Shivanya also was one. The latter, however, has been refusing to believe so.


But now the show will unfold another chapter in Yamini’s vengeance filled life when Shivangi will warn Yamini that she will kill each and every person who was responsible for murdering her mother. Yamini will then plan to kill Shivangi but will fail to do so as she will manage to escape from the trap.


And now, Yamini will take the help of Kapalika and Maheshmati to bring her into her ‘Icchadhari’ form because if she is not killed, Shiavangi¬†will pose a major threat to Yamini and her associates!
Will they manage to trap Shivangi? Only time will tell! Stay tuned for further updates.

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